The Magic Pudding: celebrating 100 years

The Magic Pudding: celebrating 100 years

Norman Lindsay's granddaughter Helen Glad gives an inside view


Celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Magic Pudding, Norman Lindsay’s grand-daughter Helen Glad will give an inside view of the iconic Australian children’s book.  She gives insight into the genesis and the ongoing success of the well-loved classic, discusses how it inspired many children’s books and shines light on Lindsay’s many artistic and literary  talents.

Helen Glad is the curator of many of the exhibitions held at the National Trust Norman Lindsay Gallery and the acknowledged authority on Norman Lindsay’s life and work. Her short biography of Lindsay and The Magic Pudding appears in the Centenary edition of the book.

This event is held in conjunction with Walls That Talk: The Magic Pudding on exhibition at Maitland Library Nov 18 to Jan 19.

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