Films and documentaries

Jumping from the pages to the screen, the library gives you the option to borrow a DVD from our collection or stream a film on your own device.

There are a couple of options you can choose from.

Head to our catalogue and search through the latest DVDs for children and adults from TV Shows and family viewing, to comedy, action and lifelong learning. You can borrow a DVD for three weeks and return to any of our branches.  

The second option, accessible through your library membership, is to head to Beamafilm, where you can stream the latest documentaries and indie feature films for free. The site is home to over 400 award winning documentaries, independent features and festival favourites.  

It’s easy to start streaming, simply:

  1. Visit Beamafilm
  2. Enter your library barcode number and choose validate
  3. Search their catalogue and start watching.